Customs #2 DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch (65-90)
Customs #2 DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch (65-90)
Customs #2 DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch (65-90)
Customs #2 DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch (65-90)
Customs #2 DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch (65-90)

Customs #2 DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch (65-90)

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*Please send us a message with the subject saying CUSTOM & the photo you want previews for.*

  • Full pasting area with poured glue! 
  • You can choose whether you want Square or Round drills
  • Tray, pen, tweezers and wax are included with the kit as well! 
  • Guaranteed maximum...


To inquire about a personalized custom diamond painting, please message us on FB messenger or through e-mail at to get started! We will send you layouts on your picture so you can choose which one you love the most. PLEASE do NOT purchase a custom diamond painting unless you have talked to us and have chosen the size you want. If you are wanting a portrait, please be advise it is one of the hardest things to do. Skin tones have HUNDREDS of different colors in it and with diamond painting you break that down even further into pixels so you will not get as smooth of a transition. The picture has to be clear. Also, lighting is SUPER important! HAPPY SHOPPING! 

With Royal Diamond Painting, we pride ourselves in the quality of our paintings and you will not find another with this many colors. When you have more drill colors, it means that it will look more like the original picture and be so smooth. We make sure you have the “Royal” red carpet treatment with our store!

**The number of colors can have 1~5 differences between the final product effect and the layouts**

The Difference Between Square and Round Drill Paintings
Square drill paintings and round drill paintings can differ from each other in their colors. The stones quantity and effect will be a bit different as well. Our square drills are the machine package ones where our round drills are weighed and in a zip bag. Rounds also have MORE sparkle! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Amazing quality/ Amazing Service

    The three customs I ordered are amazing. One was a tiny bit crinkled from customs ripping open the box but that was not on them. They packaged it with care and there was not folds like you get with a lot of dps. I flattened it and all was right again. The customer service I received is unlike any you get anywhere today. From start to finish there was a rep by my side to guide me. Offering suggestions on sizing and never pushing to upsell just honest information. And when I reached out because my son knocked over my DP and 22 of the colors, once again they were there to assist, within hours, not days! They could have said not our problem and sent me on my way but that is not how they do business. I was able to get replacement drills and I am almost finished the first one and working on my second one. I was so impressed that just bought a 4th two days ago. I can't wait until it gets here 😁

    70x90 custom

    Had a very nice experience with Royal Diamond Painting. Drill field is true to size and the symbols are very clear. Had one bag of oily drills, but it was just a small amount.
    Will definitely be back for more, especially now that they have switched to poured glue.

    Customs done right!

    As of this review I have very little left to finish on this custom. I have not run out of any drills and have plenty of leftovers for most colors. Some colors were close but I had enough to finish the kit and a few extras. The canvas came with no bubbles or rivers or folds or crinkles. I do wish I had waiting a bit and got the poured glue version but I don't mind double sided adhesive. The drills were of good quality. Had some trash but that is to be expected of a canvas with over 100k drills. Haylie was super helpful with sizing and mock ups and I have been recommending RDP to everyone that asks me about this canvas and is looking for a good customs vendor.