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Cancel, Return, and Refund Policy

*Updated Information on Refunds*

Due to the COVID-19 causing the delays with flights. We are not issuing refunds at this time. 


If you want to cancel an order, you MUST do it within 2 days of your purchase date. We print on demand so once it is printed we cannot cancel it. 

With the COVID-19 grounding a lot of flights and delays of flights, it is taking longer than normal for packages to reach their destinations. I assure you that your package/packages are on their way to you, just slower. In regards to RDP seeing about package shipping update, we see what you see. Once it leaves our hands, it is with the couriers so we just use the website and app or if you signed up for Arrive when you checked out, you can also see updates there. A lot of times lately, it will show it is still in China and the next thing it is at your door! I know this is an odd time but please be patient. Shipping as of right now can take anywhere from 2 weeks to over a month and in rare cases more if it gets chosen for a customs check. It is slowly getting better. Once all this is over, shipping will be back to normal! Thank you again for your patience and understanding.