About Us

The reason why we wanted to start this journey compared to all the other diamond painting companies that are out there was because we both  couldn’t find the details that we wanted with our projects. We figured we would do something that we both enjoyed and share our passion with ROYAL detail!

A lot of sellers out there limit colors and symbols and they darken artwork to accommodate the limited number. This makes the diamond paintings workable but with a lot of details missing. We both couldn’t stand that and decided to start a company that pushes the beginner, challenges the intermediate and surprises the advanced. We know you will enjoy each diamond painting that you buy from us since we specially hand picked artwork that demands details. We look forward to your comments and would love your feedback on our online store. We even love suggestions on artwork that you would like to see more of. Challenge us while we challenge you on your next piece!

Yours truly,

Royal Diamond Painting