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Royal Diamond Painting

Canadian Flag DIY 5D Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Patriotic

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  • Full pasting area with poured glue! 
  • You can choose whether you want Square or Round drills
  • Tray, pen, tweezers and wax are included with the kit as well! 
  • Guaranteed maximum...


55x30cm has 39 colors
70x40cm has 43 colors
80x45cm has 46 colors
90x50cm has 50 colors
105x60cm has 55 colors
125x70cm has 59 colors
140x80cm has 64 colors
150x85cm has 69 colors
160x90cm has 74 colors
On a PC, when you choose a size, the picture that comes up, is an actual sample layout of what your painting canvas will look like. If you are on a cell phone or tablet, from left to right, the pictures are the smallest size to the largest size. The largest size being the last picture.

With Royal Diamond Painting, we pride ourselves in the quality of our paintings and you will not find another with this many colors. When you have more drill colors, it means that it will look more like the original picture and be so smooth. We make sure you have the “Royal” red carpet treatment with our store!

**The number of colors will have 1~5 differences between the final product effect and the layouts**

The Difference Between Square and Round Drill Paintings
Square drill paintings and round drill paintings can differ from each other in their colors. The stones quantity and effect will be a bit different as well. Our square drills are the machine package ones where our round drills are weighed and in a zip bag. 
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