Bonnita Moaby Collection

Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Portrait Artist.

Even from a young age Bonnita remembers spending hours coloring in or drawing. This carried on into her school years and beyond. Going on to do Graphic Design at a BA level she achieved her degree and set up her own business which has been running for over 7 years and won the prestigious award from Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den for #SBS (Small Business Sunday). She went on to win the #WOW award (Women on Wednesday) from Jacqueline Gold for Bonnita Doodles.

Bonnita has made a name for herself producing colorful water color paintings, ink illustrations and colorful wildlife portraits. Her signature splash helps to set her style apart. With her love of Spectrum, Bonnita has developed a technique and style using their products. She has become obsessed over their Aqua Markers and AquaTints to make her paintings, which has now become the main focus of her art.